The Aarambh School is an initiative to bring about small changes in the way education has been imparted traditionally. It is an initiative to end the tyranny of the age-old methods of delivering knowledge in schools while at the same time questioning what we are teaching in school itself!

There is a strange and unfortunate dichotomy between what children learn in their classrooms at school, and what they encounter in real life. At The Aarambh School, it is our aim to remain as connected to real life as possible and not create silos called 'Life in School' and 'Life After School' in the children's minds. The focus is hence on imparting important 'Life Skills' in children, which will help them 15, 20 years from today when they well and truly enter the real world!

PreSchool Campus:

Aarambh Preschool, Daldal Seoni Main Road,
Near Kool Homes, Mowa, Raipur
Tel: 0771-4001005

Main Campus:

The Aarambh School, Nardaha,
Off Vidhan Sabha Road, Raipur
Tel: 0771-4000404

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